Diamond Surround Ring

9-9.5mm Pearl

​18k white gold, 0.032cr.wt. GVS diamonds.

Size 6.5


​​​​​Sterling Silver Skull Ring Black Diamond Eyes.

​Size 7


Around The Finger... 

Sterling Silver Rings:

Diamond Halo Ring

11mm Golden Souith Sea Pearl

0.78 ct.wt. GVS Diaonds

​Size 7.5


Marqise Cut Labradorite Ring,

small blue sapphire, two 4mm Iolites, small Tahitian 1/2 pearl, 22k, 18k and Sterling silver

Ring Size 8


Ribbon Rings 18k yellow or white gold, Golden or Tahtian Pearl, 0.21ct.wt. GVS Diamonds

Ring size 6.5

Specify Pearl & Gold Color


Two Diamond Twist RIng

18k yellow 

​8.8-9.3mm Pearl

​0.16ct.tw. GVS Diamonds

Size 6

​​New Moon RIng

10.5mm Golden South Sea Pearl

0.010ct. Natural color round brilliant yellow diamond.

18karat yelllow gold

Size 7

Bamboo Ring

Pink Tourmaline or Orange Sapphire

18K yellow Siize 7

Balancing Act Ring,

Sterling Silver, 22k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, 4mm rhodlite garnets,

Large peacock circle Tahtian Pearl


1/2 Golden South Sea Pearl and red epidote in quartz Ring, with two 4mm rhodolite faceted gems set in18k tubes, 22k bezels on Pearl and Labradorite, sterling Silver Shank