Two Diamond Twist RIng

18k yellow 

​8.8-9.3mm Pearl

​ GVS Diamonds

Size 6

Marqise Cut Labradorite Ring,

small blue sapphire, two 4mm Iolites, small Tahitian 1/2 pearl, 22k, 18k and Sterling silver

Ring Size 8


Bamboo Ring

Pink Tourmaline or Orange Sapphire

18K yellow Siize 7

​​​​​Sterling Silver Skull Ring Black Diamond Eyes.

​Size 7


Around The Finger... 

Sterling Silver Rings:

Balancing Act Ring,

Sterling Silver, 22k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, 4mm rhodlite garnets,

Large peacock circle Tahtian Pearl


1/2 Golden South Sea Pearl and red epidote in quartz Ring, with two 4mm rhodolite faceted gems set in18k tubes, 22k bezels on Pearl and Labradorite, sterling Silver Shank


Ribbon Rings 18k yellow or white gold, Golden or Tahtian Pearl, 0.21ct.wt. GVS Diamonds

Ring size 6.5

Specify Pearl & Gold Color


​​New Moon RIng

10.5mm Golden South Sea Pearl

0.010ct. Natural color round brilliant yellow diamond.

18karat yelllow gold

Size 7

Diamond Halo Ring

11mm Golden Souith Sea Pearl

0.78 ct.wt. GVS Diaonds

​Size 7.5


Diamond Surround Ring

9-9.5mm Pearl

​18k white gold, 0.032cr.wt. GVS diamonds.

Size 6.5